Hi All!

Hi All!

I’m taking a lunch break. Today is Friday and I’m taking today easier. Giving my body to mend. Yesterday was fairly tough. 26 miles from White Pass to Dewey Lake. One half mile before I got to my destination I tripped on a rock, root or maybe just air. Down I went. Landed with left quad on a sharp rock, right knee on a rock and skinned forearms. Nothing serious but today I feel kinda beat up. Advil to the rescue!

One cool thing yesterday was very early in the day I was walking through a stretch with hundreds of newly hatched frogs. They couldn’t even hop yet and probably couldn’t see. I tried to avoid all of them.

I again camped with Barefoot. I won’t see him again because his plan was 35 miles today. I’m hoping for only 20. I need a little rest. I’m in Mt Rainier National Park. The mountain is over 14,100 feet and getting closer.

Heard lots of Grouse this morning. They sound like a drum beat.

I’m doing well. Happy and thankful.
Love poco loco.
Sketchy water crossing

Taken from where I’m sitting.


These photos are from today.

These photos are from today.
Crossing a glacier.
My Rainier
That really is a trail!
The Knife Edge

Well…the past two days have been epic in every w

Well…the past two days have been epic in every way. Yesterday I packed up and was on the trail at 5:30 with the pink light of dawn. Met at least a dozen southbound hikers and heard of the glory that awaits me. I hiked hard and alone all day and kept trying to remember all the words to “Mr. Bojangles”. Good thing no one could here me. My kids used to tell me that I ruined the song when I sang! Anyway, I took very few breaks and kept going. It was just one of those days where everything clicked. I had hike 12 miles by 10 am and 20 miles by 2 pm. That earns me an “atta girl!”. I got an ugly blister on my left pinkie tow. I treated it and it will be fine. I wanted to cross Cyspus Pass before stopping. I will include a picture of the waterfall I camped near. Bearfoot came along after I set up camp and he camped with me. He earned his name because he has hiked 30% of the trail barefoot! He is 20 years old and will get to Canada in fifteen hiking days. A strong kid! I hiked 26 miles yesterday.

Today I was on the trail by 5 am because even though it was “only” 21 miles the scenery was going to be spectacular. I was in the Goat Rocks Wilderness. I will include a photo of the Knife Edge. It’s above tree line and the trail is two feet wide with sheer cliffs on either side. It was beautiful. Too bad no one shared that with me but now I’m in tiny little town that is really just a ski resort and a gas station. I had a box to pick up at the gas station/convenience market. I have a motel room and am clean. The stink gets pretty bad. I just sorted my food for the next section which is 100 miles to Snoqialmie Pass. I HOPE to get there in four days but it may be five. Probably four and a half.

I’m have a wonderful adventure. Thank you all for caring and for the comments. I never know when I’ll have a cell signal.

Love, Poco Loco
I will add today’s pics in separate post. Trust me I’m lame at this.

Today went very well. A local trail angel gave th

Today went very well. A local trail angel gave three of us a ride from town to the trail. I didn’t start hiking until 10:30 but, still the day was smooth. A moderate climb for several hours, much of that was through a burned forest. Parts of it are showing strong signs of life returning which almost made me cry. When there is no life the world is eerily quiet. But I heard birds and rodents. Next I entered a healthy forest with intense shades of electric green. It was overcast and threatening rain all day so my pictures aren’t good. About five miles ago I had to cross a glacial stream with several tributaries. It was fast moving and I didn’t see a clear path of rocks to jump my way across. I took off my shoes, put on my Crocs and waded slowly across. I wasn’t terrified but I did have to take a potty break after I crossed! I hiked 18.16 miles today and am camped alone at a trail junction. My tent is set and I’ve enjoyed my beef stew out of a plastic bag. Don’t say “ugh” until you’ve tried it! If Mother Nature want to deliver rain tonight, I’m ready and everywhere in the western US needs rain. Thank you Chris and the Universe for removing Mosquitos from my path. I’m so much happier. It’s 65 miles from Trout Lake to White Pass where I will resupply. I think I’ll get there in three and a half days including today. Don’t know when I’ll be able to send this.

I’m enjoying my solitude and even make myself laugh as I stumble down the trail. Time to get inside my tent and say goodnight. Love, Poco Loco
PS. Yes, Dr G, I do feel lucky.

PSS. It is now Wednesday afternoon. I’ll write again tonight.

I was finally able to post the previous entry t

I was finally able to post the previous entry this morning after not being able to yesterday like I thought. Cell service is rare. The hiking yesterday was pleasant even though it was 90% in forest. I was ready to stop after 19.55 miles when I came upon three tents. Chatted with them and decided to camp there. They were all from Texas and clearly this WAS their first rodeo. All were carrying 50 pound packs and struggling to do ten miles a day. Very chatty and good guys. I was gone before they woke up. It was 6:30 and all I needed was my shorts and tank top to feel comfortable. Soon I climbed into a cloud and it was misting. I layered up. After just a few miles I met Twiggy. He had an equipment malfunction yesterday and dumped a liter of water inside his pack! When he stopped last evening he was taking everything out to set up camp and dry things out when his sleeping bag (in stuff sack) rolled down a hill and off a cliff! He searched for two hours, gave up and slept cold. When I met him he only needed to go seven miles to a paved road to hitch to a town and get a new bag. Also met Never Better. You can imagine how good his attitude was. Great guy. Once I crossed a ridge and started a descent it started raining. I was okay for a few hours but when I got to the second forest service road with access to Trout Lake I hitched in. I’m now dry and have a room for $25 above the general store. There are a few northbound hikers here. I have a ride back to the trail in the morning. All is well in WA and the weather will improve tomorrow. Love: Poco Loco

Poco Loco is back on the Pacific Crest Trail! Alm

Poco Loco is back on the Pacific Crest Trail! Almost a year to the day that I aborted my hike last year I am now trying to finish the trail. I realized I missed the experience, personal growth, camaraderie of hikers, and the natural beauty of the wilderness.
I woke today at 3am in my bed in Napa, California and was out the door at 4. My son, Dan, drove me to Oakland and I caught a 6 am flight to Portland. Sat next to Jen who was traveling to visit her Mom. Mom was having some toes amputated today. Hope she is back on her feet soon! Certainly makes me grateful to be able to get out and do the things I love. My sister-in-law Terri picked me up and brought me to Cascade Locks, where I left the trail last summer. Thank you Terri! At 9 am I walked across the Bridge of the Gods overlooking the Columbia River and entered the State of Washington. The terrain today wasn’t all that exciting–mostly in the forest. There was a couple nice views of Mt Adams. I don’t have high expectations for
speed or daily mileage as I’m not as strong physically as I was last year. It is not a sprint. Still, I hiked 19.43 miles today and am camped at Rock Creek. There was a 4500 feet of total climbing but it felt good. There is always a threat of rain in the Pacific Northwest so I have set up my tent. My knees are screaming from the little but of downhill at the end so I’ve taken Advil. I saw very few people today. I’m ahead of the majority of northbound hikers. I did meet one. Flash and I collected water at a creek, then he passed me in a Flash! The five southbound people were all charming.
It’s a warm evening and I’m sprawled on top of my sleeping bag with no need to layer up. Nice. Good night to my family and dear friends. Love, Poco Loco I named this pretty snake Slim Shady!

Next morning. I won’t be able to send this until I have cell reception so I’ll add a note. It’s lightly raining but all my stuff is dry. I’m packed up and heading north at 6:15. Oh! More Advil!

Still no cell reception. I’m stopped for lunch after 11 miles. Tortilla, salami and hard cheddar. Very filling. Still sprinkling! My feet are soggy but I’m doing well!

I’ve gone 18.46 miles so far today and I think I might be able to send this. It’s too early to stop for the day.

Poco Loco