Good Evening! And a very good day as well. Hung

Good Evening! And a very good day as well. Hung out at the Dinsmore Hiker Haven until 10:00am when Jerry drove a group to Skykomish for breakfast. I choked down pancakes and bacon before hitching alone to Stevens Pass–about 15 miles I think. Was then picked up by identical twin girls on there way to their own backpacking adventure!. Hit the trail a little after noon. I hiked 14 miles to the summit climbing 3700 feet. About midway I met to women and a beautiful lab. They gave me a chocolate bar! I’m having a part of it while dinner cooks. It’s cold so I’ve set up my tent and I’m quite cozy in it. There was a good rain last night but I was snug in the hiker dorm. Slight chance of rain tonight so another good reason for the tent. Elevation here at the top of Grizzly Peak is 5561. I’m feeling better with my aches and I wish you all a good night. Poco Loco

Morning at Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven

Water stop

View from campsite.


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