Good Morning! Yesterday was Sunday and nothing sh

Good Morning! Yesterday was Sunday and nothing short of perfect! The rain never materialized Saturday night and I slept well. On the trail at 5;00 needing my headlamp for the first 30 minutes. Unusual elevation profile day. Up “only 4400” feet but down over 7000 overall. Really beautiful with lots of glacial streams. At 2 pm I reached the mandatory detour at mile 2535. This is due to the still uncontrolled Wolverine Creek fire. The detour required taking the Suiattle River Trail for 6.5 miles to a trailhead. That made a total of 27 miles for the day. But, at the trailhead was a woman named Monique with a trunkful of magic! She gave me pasta salad and chips. Also there were two hikers with a car. They offered me a ride to a motel where I am now. Today I will get to Chelan, then Stehekin where I have my final resupply box. Only 89 miles to Canada but I don’t think I’ll be back on the trail before Wednesday. A rest is needed. I’m not the profile demographic of the trail. Most people are male and in their 20’s. This bird needs a spa day! Hope you are enjoying my journey.
Poco Loco

One of the many trees I had to climb over.
Glacier Peak
Morning selfie. Not exactly a glamour shot.
Mountainside trail


11 thoughts on “Good Morning! Yesterday was Sunday and nothing sh

  1. So glad you are taking care of yourself …and not trying to prove anything to anyone. You are in this for YOU. Praying always for your safety and mental awareness as well. Hugs hugs hugs …Rock on with your bad self!~~~~

  2. Dar….this hike sounds like it’s been full of magic! Love the posts today and the beautiful pictures. 89 miles–amazing. Enjoy the rest and, I hope, pampering!

  3. That’s wonderful news. You sound in good spirits. Enjoy a few days off ! Happy 89 trail miles left ! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  4. I Love the morning selfie….You look so happy! I hope you pamper yourself for a few days. Totally enjoying your journey! xox

  5. Enjoy your very well earned spa day! Such beautiful scenery. And it sounds like you’re tearing up the trail ahead of schedule, as usual. Amazing.

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