This was truly a rude awakening! I’m camped at St

This was truly a rude awakening! I’m camped at Stehekin waiting for my resupply to arrive this morning so I can hike out. My tent is up and I was just starting to wake up. The light is hazy because of all the smoke in the area from the Wolverine Creek fire. I instantly recognize the familiar sound of a rattlesnake! It is VERY LOUD! I look through the mesh screen and there it is! I knew he wasn’t coming in so I just stayed still. He moved but not far. I eventually came out an am sitting at a picnic table twenty feet from my tent and that damn snake is still one foot from my pack. I was able to take a a couple pictures but I’m not sure how good they are. My hands were shaking! I’m glad he isn’t IN my pack! I’m drinking coffee waiting for him to have someplace else to be. I can’t take down my tent or pick up my pack!! I’m trying to be respectful of it and not do anything to get myself hurt.
Now…as I keep sitting at the table having breakfast a white truck drives by. It’s a park ranger. He used a grabber and took the snake away! I lived to tell the story! My new friend

Bye bye!


12 thoughts on “This was truly a rude awakening! I’m camped at St

  1. As you know I know I am deathly afraid of all snakes. I’m sure I would of had a heart attack. Thank goodness you weren’t cowboy camping. I have heard all those stories of snakes slithering into people’s sleeping bags. Without that pitching wedge that I dispatched the one that tried to strike you at Chimney Rock Golf Course I would have been no help. I always say this but this time with emphasis SAFE TRAVELS. See you on Sunday.

  2. You really need to put all your posts into a journal, Darlene. Really! It is such a good read! Your photo of the snake turned out looking like a water color…nice!

    You are thoughtful throughout this journey and staying safe as you enjoy camaraderie with snakes, bears, and humans. Way to go girl! Sending love.

  3. Yikes so glad you are safe. I am terrified of all snakes but thank goodness rattlers do give some warning. BTW I too live in Napa. Take care.

  4. Hi Darlene, the Mighty Quinn would have been right there to pick up the rattler. You know that ! I’m glad it ended well for you and the snake. Sounds like your nearing the end of your fantastic journey !!! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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